About Me

Imad PashaMy name is Imad Pasha. I just graduated from University of California, Berkeley (B.A. Astrophysics; B.A. Physics; Minor in Creative Writing). This spring, I am working as a Junior Specialist in the Berkeley Astronomy Department under my thesis advisor, Prof. Mariska Kriek.

I am primarily interested in the formation and subsequent evolution of galaxies — how they build up their stellar populations, their co-evolution with their nuclear supermassive black holes, and how AGN feedback drives various galactic properties. How are there massive quiescent galaxies at high redshift? How did they build such large stellar populations and then quench? Did they really quench? What keeps them quenched? Is it AGN feedback? (etc.)

I have done research in several areas of astronomy, including computational hydrodynamics, inference-driven modeling, and X-ray imaging. I plan to pursue astronomical research and teaching as a career, and am currently applying to graduate schools.

For the last three years, I developed and co-taught the UC Berkeley Astronomy Department’s introductory programming course for majors. Known as “The Python Decal,” we cover the basics of the language in an astronomical setting, including working with data arrays, looping/conditionals, centroiding spectra, Linear Least Squares fitting, FITS file handling, and more. As part of teaching that class, I co-wrote and now maintain a textbook which is available publicly here.  More on teaching here.

I am also a writer. For the last three years, I have worked on the staff of The Daily Californian, the newspaper of record for the city of Berkeley. As a staff writer in the Arts & Entertainment department, I covered both music — album / concert reviews, interviews, etc. — and film, along with the occasional theatre piece. In the summer of 2017, I served as the editor of the Arts & Entertainment department. This spring, I am editor for The Weekender, Daily Cal’s once-a-week culture magazine that features long form journalism and creative writing.

Also for The Daily Californian, I have been on staff as a photographer, primarily shooting concerts. I have a website for my portfolio. I also dabble in astrophotography.