Curriculum Vitae

Full CV here.


University of California, Berkeley

  • B.A. Astrophysics (Honors)
  • B.A. Physics
  • Minor in Creative Writing

Major GPA: 3.81

Research Positions

  • 2015-2018: Junior Specialist | University of California, Berkeley Astronomy
    • Adv. Mariska Kriek
  • 2016: Intern | Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Harvard CfA) [NSF REU]
    • Adv. Reinout van Weeren
  • 2014: Intern | URCA program at North Carolina State University [NSF REU]
    • Adv. John Blondin 

Refereed Publications

The MOSDEF Survey: The Strong Agreement between Hα and UV-to-FIR Star Formation Rates for z ∼ 2 Star-forming Galaxies” — Shivaei, I.; Kriek, M.; Reddy, N. A.; Shapley, A. E.; Barro, G.; Conroy, C.; Coil, A. L.; Freeman, W. R.; Mobasher, B.; Siana, B.; Sanders, R.; Price, S. H.; Azadi, M.; Pasha, I.; Inami, H., The Astrophysical Journal Letters 820, (2016).

Non-Refereed Publications

1. M.L. Graham, G. Halevi, I. Pasha, I. Shivvers, H. Yuk, A.V. Filippenko (UC Berkeley), “Classification of PSN J09254453+3416361 as a Type II Supernova”, Astronomers Telegram ATel 8169, (2016).

2. Imad Pasha & Christopher Agostino, “Python for Astronomers: An Introduction to Scientific Computing”, Publicly Available, (2016).

Teaching Experience

Astronomy 120: Optical and Infrared Laboratory (GSI/TA)

Astronomy 98/198: Python For Astronomers (Instructor)

Astronomy C10: Introduction to General Astronomy (GSI/TA)

Observing Experience

MOSFIRE Observation Run — Keck Observatory (remote). 2016. P.I. Ryan Trainor

Shane Kast Observation Run — Lick Observatory (remote). 2016. P.I. Melissa Graham

1M Exoplanet Transit Observations [Astronomy 120] — Leuschner Observatory (remote). 2016.

Nickel 1M Astrometric Asteroid Observations [Astro 120] — Lick Observatory (remote). 2014.

Awards and Honors

Chambliss Award: Honorable Mention — 231st Meeting of the AAS (January 2018)

Dorothea Klumpke-Roberts Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement — UC Berkeley Astronomy Department (April 2017)

Chambliss Award: Honorable Mention — 229th Meeting of the AAS (January 2017)

Third Place Poster Prize — Biennial “Fifty-one Ergs” Supernova Conference (July 2015)

Deans Honors — Awarded to those GPAs in the top 4% of College of Letters and Sciences (Spring 2014)

First Place Poster Prize — Annual UNC Undergraduate Research Symposium (July 2014)