Astronomy 98/198: Python For Astronomers (Instructor)

For the last three years, I have been the instructor of the 2 unit, P/NP python course in the astronomy department.

My co-instructor and I developed the content for this course from scratch, including writing a textbook, which is freely available here. We are always working on updating this book, which is designed to be entirely introductory (no prior coding experience), and oriented towards those going into astronomy research and data analysis. A rough syllabus for the class is available here. Course evaluations for Fall 2015 can be found here.

Astronomy 120: Optical and Infrared Laboratory (GSI/TA)

In Fall 2016, I served as one of the two GSIs for the Astronomy Department’s upper division lab class in observational techniques in astronomy.

The class covers the fundamentals of photon statistics, measurements and uncertainty, and data analysis in python. A course description can be found here. Highlights of the lab include an extrasolar planet detection lab as well as measurements of the Earth-Sun distance via measurements of doppler shifts on the Sun’s surface. Click for course evaluations (6.1/7, n=19). Click for distribution.